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Relationship Assessment Test

How happy are you in your relationship?

Please choose only one answer for each question.
Please answer as if you were in the situation - be 100% honest (do not answer as you would like to think you would behave)


Your results will be emailed to you immediately.


When I have free time alone I:

Get busy socialising
Do exercise
Actively enjoy myself
Watch TV
Read a book

You feel there is an emotional distance between you and your partner and you don't know why, you:

Take up a hobby together
Talk about it and agree to do what is best for both of you
Don't say anything in the hopes that it will sort itself out
Feel scared to talk about it in case there is something you have done wrong
Make time to talk about it risking having a fight

You and your partner have an argument about something that is important to you and it makes you angry, you:

Agree to talk about it later
Stop talking to your partner until s/he apologizes
Use a professional conflict resolution communication technique
Avoid the conversation all together - it's not worth the effort
Get sarcastic, agreeing with your partner on each point to make him/her realize how silly his/her argument is
Try to resolve the argument by listening to what your partner has to say, but just feel too angry to resolve anything
Get defensive and attack back
See a therapist

You and your partner go out for dinner with friends. When you come home your partner communicates to you that some of the things you said at dinner were hurtful to him/her, you:

Become defensive and assert yourself, explaining your opinion and reasons for what you said
Apologies for everything you said and promise never to do it again
Get why what you said hurt your partner and commit to not doing it again
Get angry because your partner didn't understand what you were trying to say and start to worry if s/he will ever understand you
Feel really guilty for hurting your partner and let that guilt live with you for a few days to punish yourself

It is your office Christmas function and you invite your partner to go with you. Towards the end of the night everyone has had too much to drink, including your partner. You notice your partner and your boss having a conversation, your partner is telling a story and your boss is laughing. Suddenly (as part of the story) your partner jumps onto one of the tables and loses his balance and slips and falls onto the floor. You:

Feel really embarrassed and angry and demand that you both leave immediately
Laugh at what happened but swear to yourself to never take your partner to another company function
Go and join in the conversation, it looks like a lot of fun
Have a huge fight on the way home because you have to face the people who saw it happen, and not your partner
Take your partner a glass of water and suggest quietly that it may be time to stop drinking for the evening

You are having lunch with your friends when one of them tells you a rum our they had recently heard about your partner being unfaithful, you:

Get all the details of the story and feel hurt. Phone your partner from the table in front of your friends and demand an explanation
Assume your partner would never be unfaithful to you, gently change the subject and bring the conversation up with your partner when you are alone.
Get all the details of the story and feel hurt. When you go home you make a point of looking through your partners cell phone to find some evidence
Ask to hear all the details, making sure none are left out, feel angry, and make a plan with your friends of how you are going to catch your partner out
Hear what your friends have to say, leave the table and quietly go somewhere and call your partner to resolve the situation instantly

You and your partner have been together for 3 years now and spend most of your time together. You live in the same house, have the same friends and have a very busy social life together so you are very rarely apart, but you feel that the spark between you is fading, you:

Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend away just for the 2 of you
Carry on as normal, the honeymoon phase can't last forever
Organise different social activities with you and all your friends to go and do something fun
Make a decision to sit down and talk about what is missing
Buy a book on relationships and start learning about the subject
Make an effort to do things separately to get the spark back

You and your partner have been dating for a year, you have been happy with each other but are not talking about marriage. You go out to a bar with your friends on a Friday night and someone of the opposite sex starts flirting with you at the bar. You:

Don't flirt back and be respectfully polite
Flirt back, not mentioning you are in a relationship
Take the person's number and save it in your phone, it could be useful one day
Tell the person you are in a relationship and appreciate the possibility of a friendship

It's Valentine's Day and you decide to make a huge effort to spoil your partner. You buy a gift, you book a table at a nice restaurant and you write a beautiful card. After you have had dinner and given your partner the gift and the card you realize your partner has not bought you a gift or made the effort you have. You:

Feel happy that you made your partner feel so loved and adored
Feel angry and hurt because your partner obviously does not love you as much as you love your partner
Promise yourself that next year you will not make any effort - it's your partner's turn
Without making your partner wrong, share with your partner that you wish to also be romantically treated on occasions like this
Feel silly for showing so much affection and making so much effort and receiving nothing in return


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