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The achievement of your inner and outer desires can be significantly empowered and accelerated by using Consciousness Coaching®.

Coaching is for positive people who feel their potential. We offer 3 packages:
Silver package
Gold package
Platinum package

with Marc Steinberg as your MCC Master Consciousness Coach®.


Our monthly Consciousness Coaching® packages contain of


  • Silver: 2 Consciousness Coaching® sessions
    + email support up to 2 emails
  • Gold: 3 Consciousness Coaching® sessions
    + accompanying material in print/audio/video
    + email support up to 4 emails
  • Platinum: 4 Consciousness Coaching® sessions
    + accompanying material in print/audio/video
    + assessment of client's material (e.g. brochures, CVs, logos etc)
    + email support unlimited


All coaching sessions are facilitated via f2f or phone or Skype.


We do know that you might have never taken coaching and therefore maybe having doubts with regard to the ROI - return of investment. Let us show you that we want you to feel safe by offering you the first coaching session without obligation to pay if you decide afterwards that it's not for you. If you are happy with the first session and decide to continue, then you acknowledge to have taken this first coaching session and you enter the coaching agreement as per quote above and you get sent your invoice on a monthly basis including the first coaching session. So there's no risk, only opportunity.


If you have any questions please ask us any time - we'd be happy to answer. Thank you for thinking about taking this important step towards creating a life you love to live!

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New Book - Passion For Awareness


Passion For Awareness - "Living Open, Living True", A New State of Consciousness

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Passion for Awareness is an honest, no-nonsense and enlightening dive into the nature of the ego, the self and the way we create our lives. The book is written so that it mirrors the mind, making its traps and self-imposed limitations clearly visible.



Sinclair - The True Story of One Man's Search for Enlightenment

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"Sinclair" plunges the reader into the battles, disasters and triumphs of a man determined to find his way to inner freedom and outer wealth.

To the young Sinclair, in demand as an international top model and actor, entrepreneurial success, the 'Outer Million' comes easily. Yet his spirit is restless and discontented, pushing him forcefully forward to reach for the 'Inner Million'.