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"Your mind is not the problem. YOU are.

Because the 'you', you believe you are,

is not the YOU, you really are."


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This book plunges the reader into the battles, disasters and triumphs of a man determined to liberate himself from the illusions of the matrix and find enlightenment, within and without.

To the young man, in demand as an international top model and actor, entrepreneurial success, the ‘Outer Million’ comes easily. Yet his spirit is restless and discontented, pushing him forcefully forward to reach for the ‘Inner Million’.

After a horrific car crash where he is touched by death, he gives up everything, his career, his marriage and his possessions, and embarks on a worldwide, decade-long spiritual journey.

He acquires the power to unite within the ever-battling opposites of love and money, sex and god, commitment and freedom.

And just as he starts to touch thousands of people through teaching and mentoring, he is ousted from his homeland by the religious authorities.

Cast out, misunderstood and in doubt, Marc retreats to a faraway land for an in-depth sabbatical.

Will he start all over again?

Can he learn the lessons life is trying to teach him?






“This is a book about warriorship and I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed the tempo, the language style and the chutzpah of the hero. It is a personal journey towards self-awareness, personal integrity and joy.” Sandy McLeod, book reviewer of  Odyssey Magazine


"For someone that’s really looking for enlightenment, they’ll love this book, especially when they are looking for new challenges." - Saskia’s book club
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"The wisdom and principles of 'Passion for Awareness' have shed serious light on the hidden secrets of my life. This book is a must." - Michele McLean, Miss Universe 1992



Passion for Awareness is an honest, no-nonsense and enlightening dive into the nature of the ego, the self and the way we create our lives.


The book is written so that it mirrors the mind, making its traps and self-imposed limitations clearly visible.


Today millions of people are seeking meaning beyond the classical values of security, wealth and power. True meaning must be discovered first hand by one's own efforts.


Marc Steinberg believes that awareness is the source of power that liberates a human being from its dramas and sufferings.


In today’s overloaded information age, more awareness – not 2nd hand knowledge – is needed to create sustainable change.


Passion for Awareness has the potential to awaken your innate desire for awareness and a passion for life!


Passion for Awareness includes interviews with Marc concerning everyday life challenges.


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Marc spent his youth searching for enlightenment. Having made his “Outer Million” easily at an early age,
he soon realized that he was missing its intangible counterpart, which he calls “The Inner Million”. He duly set off in search of it,
initially by studying religions and spending time in an Indian monastery based on ancient Kashmir Shaivism.

Although greatly grown, he felt limited by the monastic system, and decided to step away from religions altogether
and re-embarked on his quest. This second phase of Marc’s self-realization journey led him through many countries and years
of in-depth engagement with disciplines including psychotherapy, ontology, Zen meditation, method acting, fire walking
as well as transformational coaching and training. Having found what he was looking for,

Marc returned to the mundane world in order to share his wisdom with others. He developed a body of work and
methodology that he called Creative Consciousness® and since then has been a successful entrepreneur,
thought leader and philosophical teacher around the world.

Visionary Founder and Spiritual Master Teacher of Creative Consciousness® International,
Marc Steinberg has been empowering and inspiring people around the world
for more than 3 decades on their journeys of awakening their essence and manifesting their greatness.

  • Marc is a MCC (Master Certified Coach) accredited by the ICF, United States
  • He has over 30 years international experience in teaching, training and mentoring
  • He is a guide to leaders, sabbatical specialist and human potential pioneer
  • He developed Consciousness Coaching® as well as Creative Consciousness®'s body of work on self-realization, consciousness activation and personal growth

Marc’s work and life are powered by his vision of creating a global awakening in consciousness and making love a worldwide reality. Marc’s applied philosophy is based on the ancient credo that all external changes begin internally in the human being.

His mission:




Solutions to fit your journey, your lifestyle & your potential

These programs are facilitated by my organization
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My life has a whole new flavor. In summary, Marc has empowered me to be a better parent and re-committed wife. Giving my children wings to fly inspires me daily.  

Sibylle Sharon

Marc and his guidance shifted me from a life of complacency to a life where each exciting day is one of discovery and service.


Su Birch

Marc has provided me the tools to transform my life. I now know that I am capable of creating a beautiful future, I appreciate the present and have no need to live a life of reaction of my past. 

Brandon Kamp

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