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Spiritual mentoring is the oldest and still most powerful way to facilitate and support spiritual growth. This mentoring can have many faces, from conversation to silent mentoring, from mentoring by gaze to thought transmission and of course always energy transmission.

In this space I work with the student through various channels:

  1. On the monthly Satsang circle call (zoom)
  2. Assimilating your Whatsapp messages and weekly reports and responding to it in relation to your true being in the context of guiding you to your ultimate destination: freedom from conditioning, ego and illusion. 
  3. Spontaneous transmissions 24/7
  4. On the Retreats person-to-person during team gatherings



We provide special sessions for healing directing the energy of the field to be available for specific purposes, e.g. healing certain chakras, certain physical areas, certain aspects of our lives like relationships or workflow.

Marc uses sound (sound instruments, voice, music) to connect to and receive from the united field. Through his voice he is able to transmit energy from source directly to the field. This energy is immediately available for all members to assimilate either directed by themselves through attention or intuitively letting their energy bodies direct the healing and strengthening.

Lack of energy in certain chakras or low frequency or both can be the main causes for any external conditions, simply by the principle of synchronicity “as within so without”. What is whole and heal in you is whole and heal in your reality.



How Marc works with your weekly reports

(in his own words:)

  1. I purify my environment and shift into impersonal awareness.
  2. I open the connection process with the sound bowl and pick a report.
  3. I connect with you in your two aspects: your conditioned personality and your spiritual potential which is contained in your spiritual name.
  4. Then I read your report with my mind (to understand what you are expressing) and feel it with my spiritual heart.
  5. It is like having the old and the new as two transparent blueprints on top of each other and seeing the discords, holes, blockages and bridges.
  6. Then I engage my master mind to distil all of that into a precise feedback.
  7. This feedback is energy work in the here and now with your energy field.
  8. Then I write onto your report or create a composition which I photograph, or I compose a voice massage.
  9. After that I remove my connection, go back into impersonal awareness, and pick the next report.    



Is an operating system communicating with the subconscious and the brain or memory including cellular memory. It is able to identify which makes one an identity.

(CC ref.: YouTube video “Introduction to Consciousness”, book “Passion for Awareness”) 



Is a nucleus within the mind consisting of all identifications the mind has made and makes. Identity serves as the reference point for a human being. comes in two different shaping:

  • Personal/Psychological Identity (the stories we tell ourselves)
  • Impersonal identity (to my body, my relationship etc.)

(CC ref.: workbook day 1 of Conscious Living 1, book “Passion for Awareness”) 



Is a mix of personal and impersonal identity


(unenlightened) Personality

Personality is what others perceive as “us”. It is the shortened term of “personal reality” and consists of all perceptions that form the basic interpretations of the world for the impersonal and personal identity. 


(enlightened) Personality

Impersonal identity + experiencing consciousness (divinity)


Long term memory

Long term memory is a storage for all experiences plus thoughts and emotions. Every sensation is recorded with all our senses and stored in the long-term memory. The storage is hosted by (brain, microbiome, heart, cell memory)



The human triune brain weighs about 3 pounds and consists of 100 billion nerve and brain cells. That hardware gets continuously reformed and updated as the input dictates (neuro plasticity). It is the main storage unit for the long term memory.

(CC ref.: workbook day 3 of Conscious Living 1) 



Is the 2nd operating system storing and controlling all our automated programs like driving a car, speaking a language, feeling small or “I am not worth it”.

Programs are loaded when triggered by

  • Decisions of the mind – e.g. driving a car
  • Part of the recordings – e.g. recording of a red-haired aunt, who was always intimidating and you felt small. Meeting a red-haired woman could load the recorded program “feeling small”

(CC ref.: YouTube video “Introduction to Consciousness”, book “Passion for Awareness”) 



Ego is the name for that part of identity that has formed a psychological identity based on
“I am …..” (e.g. “I am weak, I am bad, I am strong, I am weak, I am not good enough”, etc.)

(CC ref.: workbook day 1 of Conscious Living 1, book “Passion for Awareness”) 



The Self (also referred to as ‘higher Self’) as a satellite of the soul acting as a human being representing the main characteristics of the incarnated soul (soul-purpose, primal energies, past lives karma).

(CC ref.: workbook of Soul Retreat) 



Awareness is the spectrum of reality a person is conscious of (i.e. experiencing being conscious of)



Is mind using awareness to channel it towards a particular object (material or immaterial) which then is called ‘attention’.



Is the 3rd operating system; it is impersonal (not part of the mind) and usually the access is not activated. Consciousness as a phenomenon is equatable with “light” as an energy. What today is known as the ‘Quantum field’ is a super subtle realm of density within consciousness that allows for the existence of possibilities for manifestation.



Is the process of defined energy (word as a promise, commitment, command) entering the Quantum field and provoking resonating possibilities to crystallize, manifest (word becoming flesh).



The term synchronicity is coined by Jung to express a concept that belongs to him: the ‘acausal’ connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena.



an individual's spiritual duty & practice – also a body of definitions and rules of conduct in order to strengthen and support spiritual growth and liberation.